System utilities

This category includes program working with system utilities. The System Utilities directory includes many different PC utilities made for managing and optimizing your computer system. It includes Registry, start-up applications, desktop, and many other settings. The software in this category performs different tasks, depending on the application. Some of them are made to clean your local drives, create backups and recover lost files. Others are designed to improve your system performance, securely delete documents and monitor your hardware.

RAR Password Recovery Magic 25% promo code
RAR Password Recovery Magic is a handy tool specially created to recover all of your lost or forgotten passwords for any RAR/WinRAR archive. RAR Password Recovery Magic uses...
$22.49 $29.99
DriverHive - Keeping Your Drivers Up to Date
DriverHive – Keeping Your Drivers Up to Date 22% promo code
This fantastic set of system utilities will keep your computer safe and functioning. You need to know that 80% of all PC crashes happen because of conflicting device drivers. ...
$23.39 $29.99
Spotmau BootSuite 2012
Spotmau BootSuite 2012 15% promo code
Spotmau BootSuite is an excellent emergency solution for your problems. This is an ideal software for those bad moments when your computer crashes, or your Windows stops operating....
$42.46 $49.95
Spotmau PowerSuite Golden 2012
Spotmau PowerSuite Golden 2012 15% promo code
Spotmau PowerSuite is a an essential toolkit for all PC owners who want to keep their computer up and running. This toolkit provides all utilities you need to keep your computer...
$59.46 $69.95
Spotmau PowerSuite Golden 2012 COPY
Spotmau PowerSuite Golden 2012 (sales promotion) 15% promo code
Spotmau PowerSuite is a fantastic toolkit with many important tools ideal for all PC owners. This set is a must have for all those who want to keep their PC working and without...
$59.46 $69.95
Driver Detective - 2 Year Special
Driver Detective – 2 Year Special 30% discount coupon code
Driver Detective is a powerful software ideal for managing and updating all your drivers. You can forget about the frustration and time you waste on finding the most appropriate...
$27.93 $39.90

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