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Application software covers a large and diverse group of programs specially developed for end users. There are two general groups of application software you can buy: systems software and application software. System software is a group of low-level programs made to interact with your computer on a basic level. These programs are intended to take care of operating systems, compilers and utilities, all made to manage computer resources. The second group, application software, is also known as end-user programs. This group includes various types of word processors, database programs, spreadsheets and more. You can imagine these programs sitting on the top of systems software, since it’s unable to operate without system utilities and programs.

Keyword Scout
Keyword Scout discount
Keyword Scout is a handy keyword research utility specially made to assist you into finding low competition and high profitability keywords. This will make ranking of your...
FastPlan 2010 Five Year Company Forecasting
FastPlan 2010 Five Year Company Forecasting 15% promo code
FastPlan version 9.6 gives you a complete five year financial plan to incorporate monthly fixed asset schedules with depreciation spreadsheets. In addition to this, it has...
$48.97 $69.95
Excel Costing & Expense Controls
Excel Costing & Expense Controls 15% coupon code
Excel Costing & Expense Controls are made for performing various of tasks. The standard costing workbooks include: Standard costs, activity based costs, overhead cost...
$59.46 $69.95
iOrgsoft PDF Converter
iOrgsoft PDF Converter 35% promo code
iOrgsoft PDF converter is a handy, powerful and fully integrated PDF conversion application. This program converts all of your PDF files into most printable Windows application...
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TinyBooks Pro 10% promo code
TinyBooks Pro is a handy, easy to use, very flexible, non-bloated, single-entry bookkeeping and accounting solution specially developed for the Macintosh. TinyBooks is carefuly...
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Financial Excel Collection 15% promo code
Financial Excel Collection is an amazing group of finance spreadsheets made for various needs. it consists of 150 finance spreadsheets that can help you significantly improve...
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